Good Evening Canberrans and Jervis Bay


2 thoughts on “Good Evening Canberrans and Jervis Bay

    1. Many thanks for the message Rodney. Certainly Ms Saeedi is the kind of Greens candidate who I am sure will continue to be a strong voice for many of the important societal challenges of the early 21st century.

      I will stand for a level of action on climate change, people movement, acceptance of diversity, mediocrity in parliament, as well as Australia’s lack of leadership on the international stage, that is more reflective of the significance and depth of the opportunities and challenges faced in order to achieve a genuinely sustainable world. Climate change is just one such area in which the Greens themselves should be setting more impressive and incremental targets. The science from around the world clearly supports this.

      Over the coming months and years, whether I am successful at this election are not, you will see me continuing to advocate for innovative, creative policy output and demonstrating a more strategic approach than the Greens, on a whole gambit of issues and policy areas. Foresight, being proactive and building strong links with people of multiple backgrounds, including having a rich understanding of the aspirations of our younger generations, leave one in a strong position to be a leader for the decades ahead. My career as a Secondary School Teacher combined with my studies in Law, has proved an invaluable component of the journey so far.

      In life, we should all look to maximise our skill set for the benefit of society.

      Best wishes Rodney,


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