Our Environment

2. Our Environment

When we talk about climate change, our actions need to utterly uphold the challenge faced. The emissions reduction targets set by the major parties are not sufficient. Australia needs to be a champion of environmental sustainability, not simply pretend to be. Incremental targets need to be more regular, ambitious and immediate. The science supports this.

Fundamentally, Australia has the potential to be a world leader on climate change, the potential to embrace the extraordinary power of renewables (including wave, wind and solar), with greater verve and ruthlessness. We can create a whole new raft of jobs and multiple ‘wealth pockets’ for generations to come.

There must be no more coal mines and we must also save the Great Barrier Reef. When a “contemporary” government starts “romanticising coal” in television commercials, they are clearly more focused on manipulating the Australian public, than genuine policy reform. No sustainable future-minded economy would make many of the decisions that the current government is making.