Our Modern Workplace and Well-being

The workplace is a focal point to help us judge the health of our society. We must ensure that employees retain the appropriate level of say in what they sign up for. When it comes to collective bargaining agreements, there is clearly much that the people of Canberra feel let down by. We must achieve family-friendly labour market policies as this in itself leads to stronger families. We must also achieve a more preemptive approach to supporting the mental health of Australian citizens.

Among others things, Australia must become a leader in ‘parental leave’. Our community should embrace the holistic potential of more flexible works hours, including ‘the shorter working day’, like leaders such as Sweden. All super funds should be expected to meet ethical standards. We should also evolve immigration policy to better complement domestic labor-force growth and societal well-being. We must achieve greater equality in professional sport.

We should make it easier for asylum seekers to gain access to the Australian labour market, though creating new “working opportunities”, including a range of low-paid workfare jobs.