Our Younger Generations

The current government has a distinct lack of understanding of what will allow young people to thrive most. This includes the government’s limited willingness to achieve a deep exploration of the potential programs that can be introduced in schools to enrich the social development of children.

The current government lacks a deep understanding of the fundamental disparities that exist in the community and, equally broadly, the importance of the holistic education of young Australians to the future of this country, indeed the wellbeing of society, now. Gonski levels of funding are the bare minimum required. School funding needs to be as reflective of socio-economic circumstances as possible; ‘Gonski’ must inspire us to set even more supportive goals. Nevertheless, improving the education outcomes for our students is not just about funding.

We must allow for greater acknowledgement of what young Australians can contribute to the present and future of this country. This includes supporting moves to change the voting age to 16. We must uphold the ‘wisdom of youth’ in all its forms. If the Labor Party properly understood and cared about the younger generations, they would also stand up for the rights of young refugees more.